Writing for Arab Millennial

Writing for Arab Millennial can be a great way to contribute to our growing platform while creating visibility for new ideas. It can also help you in your career path and search for other jobs.

If you are an external writer and would like to contribute to our website, please log in/register and fill the form below. Somebody will be in touch with you shortly after.


If you have special needs that can affect your writing, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, you are welcome to make us aware of this so we can provide any necessary support. Generally, however, you will need to keep your article within the following guidelines:

  1. Relevance: Pick a topic that is Arab and/or millennial related; as we value diversity, you, as an individual, do not need to be Arab and/or millennial
  2. Visibility: Pick a topic that is gauging interest in Google Trends
  3. Grammar: As Arab Millennial is a British-based organisation, please use British English to allow us to develop consistency across our platform – this means spelling “specialized” as “specialised”, or “color” as “colour”, for example
  4. Length: Please keep your articles no more than 750 words, and try to incorporate images or videos


Submit an Article for Review

If we agree that your article is suitable for our website and will be useful to our visitors, we may likely edit it before publishing it for public view. Edits will ensure that the content is concise, readable, has correct grammar and is as neutral and intellectually honest as possible. For example, bold assertions such as "X always results in Y" will be replaced by "X can result in Y when condition Z is met". We may also add our own references where they are missing from your article, and will link your publication with other areas of our website in order to boost our SEO presence. Please bear in mind that we are a secular organisation and our publication is open to all those interested in Arab progress and development.