Social Enterprise

Research suggests that there is a general link between unemployment, socioeconomic class and crime rates.

We therefore believe in personal empowerment and the distribution of wealth and opportunities throughout Arab communities.

Community Dialogue

We believe in true dialogue between all demographic communities that leads to global, social cohesion.

Research & Development

There is a lack of quality research on Arab community issues in mainstream media.

Research on issues affecting Arab communities should not be biased. All community groups benefit from a more stable global environment.

Global Peace

Global peace is ambitious when so many political and economic decisions lead to war. It is important to understand the mechanisms of war and the extent to which war and conflict are linked to human nature.

Policymakers and NGOs may use our analyses to advance change that obstructs the mechanisms of conflict. Therefore, if our output is utilised by the right organisations to inform effective decisions, our website may be able to advance small steps towards global peace.