Reviewed Books Database

Below is a list view of books that we, as a community, have read and reviewed. Feel free to use and reference these reviews in your own literature review or research.

You can also find our book reviews on Arab Millennial’s “Goodreads” profile.

BookAuthorReviewed by
Imperialism: The Highest Stage of CapitalismV.I. LeninOsama Filali Naji
Notes from UndergroundFyodor DostoevskyMustafa Ameer
The AlchemistPaulo CoelhoOsama Filali Naji
The Devil in the FleshRaymond RadiguetOsama Filali Naji
The Dice ManLuke RinehartLiv Hadley
The Myth of SisyphusAlbert CamusOsama Filali Naji
The PrinceNiccolò MachiavelliOsama Filali Naji
The Twenty Years' Crisis, 1919-1939E.H. CarrOsama Filali Naji
The ProphetKahlil GibranOsama Filali Naji
PersepolisMarjane SatrapiOsama Filali Naji