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Life lessons from Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet”

The featured image is a painting by the author discussed, Kahlil Gibran. For more information Google “خمسة‎‎” or “Hamsa”. *** 9/10 1. Short biography جبران خليل جبران (Gibran Khalil Gibran) was born in...

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How Libyan artists are addressing mental health

The original article by Malak Altaeb, which has been syndicated for Arab Millennial, can be found here *** Mental illness is one of the least discussed topics in my society. If you bring...

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Why I hate Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

4/10 Originally written in Portuguese, Paulo Coelho’s book follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd  from Spain through North Africa to the pyramids of Egypt. This had become a highly popular book...

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Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by Vladimir Lenin

6/10 I have never read a book full of so many enigmas. It is interesting, for example, that Lenin should come from an elite family and aspire to expose capitalism and the...

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Fuad Gritli: How an Arab millennial changed Libya’s music industry

“Am I an artist? I guess, I don’t know. I do not like to be labeled as anything or anyone. Who defines who I am and what I do?! I do not...

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