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You’ve got a friend in me: Chinese tourism in the MENA region

In 2017, the Middle East alone received 58 million tourists, with North Africa enjoying a 13% increase in international arrivals. This was a stunning rebound from the terrorism-induced tourism depreciation in the...

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Why British ISIS members should be trialled in international criminal courts

1. Background Arab Millennial is a website that focuses on progress and development across Arab diaspora of all walks of religious and non-faith life. This week, confirmation has been received that the...

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Qatar’s success in battling climate change

*** Note from the editor: this is an edited article, originally written by Neeshad Shafi for EcoMENA *** Qatar’s environmental records have always been in the news, of course, for the negative ones, but...

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3 principles for establishing Muslim-Christian dialogue in multiethnic communities

*** A note from the editor: Arab Millennial is a secular website that encourages interfaith dialogue from, towards, and within Arab community groups. We have therefore edited Julian Bond’s post accordingly through...

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GDP, population & income equality comparison tool (MENA)

  *** Highlights Regional: Highest per capita GDP: Gulf Lowest per capita GDP: Yemen Highest total GDP: Turkey Lowest total GDP: Yemen Largest population: North Africa Lowest population: Yemen Most income inequality:...

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