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The challenge of true secularism in Israel

The Israel and Palestine conflict has spanned various decades. However, despite efforts from both parties to facilitate the peace process, a two-state solution and peaceful co-existence does not look likely to occur...

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5 fantastic funding opportunities for Arab entrepreneurs

Whether you are a part of a budding startup or a fearless social enterprise, we’ve got exciting  news for you. Here are 5 hotly anticipated funding opportunities across the MENA region to...

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Can Tunisia be considered an example of Arab Spring success?

January 2018 saw the eruption of protests, demonstrations and violent clashes with police in cities and towns across Tunisia. A fitting date, as it marked seven years since the overthrow of the...

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Egypt’s political prisoners: who they are and why they should be released

In October 2017, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi claimed in an interview with France 24 that ‘there are no political prisoners in Egypt’. Domestic and international rights organisations paint a very different...

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arabmillennial.net server migration

Due to high demand on our website (50,000 visitors/300,000 visits per month for 2018), we will be migrating our website to a server with dedicated RAM. This should rapidly boost loading times...

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