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The paradox: is postmodernism to blame for the rise of Salafism?

Postmodernism, as a philosophical, socio-political and cultural movement, emerged in the 1970s as a critique of, and counter to, the Modernist Universalism that had remained dominant in Western societies since the 19th century. Having been developed by a number of different thinkers, including Michel...

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Are the Amazigh under-represented in Arab politics?

Tinmel is a small village in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and it serves as a starting point for understanding the complex dynamics between North Africa’s indigenous Amazigh people and the region’s largely Arabised political frameworks. It was from here, almost a millennium ago, that...

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Introducing our new logo

Introducing our new logo. The broken box represents breaking the box through new research. The off red colour represents the vibrant contribution of young generation to recent Arab developments. The four pieces of the box represent different team members coming together like a jigsaw.

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Simon Salama: why a Jewish leader is standing for Tunisia’s Muslim party

A Tunisian Jew, Simon Salama, has been selected as candidate for Tunisia’s leading Muslim party in the municipal elections in Monastir, south of Tunis. To some, this may appear as a continuation of the secularisation of Tunisia. To others, this appears to be a...

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Arab Millennial welcomes reforms for women in Saudi Arabia

Arab Millennial is committed to achieving progress in the global Arab community. Therefore, Arab Millennial supports the decisions and the reforms made by the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman regarding women’s freedom to wear or not to wear abayas in Saudi Arabia as a...

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