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Mohammed Naguib military base: the biggest military base in Africa

*** Note from the editor: this is a syndicated article originally posted by Kyle Scott Pirie for The Best of Africa *** President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi launched Mohammed Naguib military base with a grand ceremony on 22 July 2017. This inauguration came a week...

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How Morocco’s “plastic bag rule” has renewed Arab sustainability efforts

As Marrakech hosted the international climate summit, COP22, in November 2016, it felt like something of a watershed moment. World attention focused, at least briefly, on how Morocco was becoming a world leader in green, renewable energy. Unlike its Arab neighbours to the east,...

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The continued impact of Russia’s “elections” on Arab politics

In a political landscape that has brought Arab diaspora Trump, Brexit and a Jeremy Corbyn vote over the past few years, it appears that the underdog is alive and flourishing. So, when Putin declared he was running for office again late last year, you...

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Introspection: did Arabs “colonise” North Africa?

Colonialism remains a contested concept: there exists no widespread agreement amongst academics upon what it should be properly defined as. Activity that could be called ‘colonialism’ (at least, in the contemporary sense of which it is commonly thought of) is, however, frequently traced back...

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Our new section: Arab Millennial “Lifestyle”

For some lighter-hearted news, and artistic, cultural developments from Arab youth. You can navigate to our lifestyle section here!

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