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Can “Realism” be applied to Arab politics?

In the context of the modern system of sovereign states, political realism, as a school of thought, has served as the dominant framework for understanding statecraft and strategy. Classical realists such as...

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Mubarak and Sisi: two sides of the same coin?

More than a million Egyptians took to the streets in the 2011 revolution to protest against autocratic governance, poverty, unemployment and government corruption. It was hoped that the fall of Mubarak would herald...

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Morocco, Algeria and the Western Sahara conflict: who’s right and who’s wrong?

The Western Sahara remains a disputed territory and the host of one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. The region, known as the “Southern Provinces” in Morocco, was colonised by Spain in...

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The challenge of true secularism in Israel

The Israel and Palestine conflict has spanned various decades. However, despite efforts from both parties to facilitate the peace process, a two-state solution and peaceful co-existence does not look likely to occur...

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Can Tunisia be considered an example of Arab Spring success?

January 2018 saw the eruption of protests, demonstrations and violent clashes with police in cities and towns across Tunisia. A fitting date, as it marked seven years since the overthrow of the...

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