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Could Russia intervene in Libya as it did in Syria?

Throughout much of his time as President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has shown a willingness to use violence to further his country’s interests in international affairs. Wars at home and...

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The Business and Politics of Oil in Libya

The oil industry has become a frontline of Libya’s civil war. No other commodity better represents the complex nature of Libya’s political, security and economic instability. As a highly valuable commodity trapped...

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The Libyan Conflict is not a Tribal Conflict

With the way in which events continue to unravel in Libya, many Western news reporters and opinion writers categorize the conflict to be a courtesy of tribalism. This oversimplification in the portrayal...

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What can Libyans Learn from the Kurdish Peshmerga?

Since the Syrian Civil War erupted in March 2011, the Peshmerga have been catapulted to the forefront of the world stage. The Iraqi Kurdish armed forces have become celebrated internationally as one...

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Which heritage sites are IS targeting and why?

Aside from the incalculable loss and displacement of human lives, during the course of conflict, another casualty of war is the destruction of religious and cultural heritage sites due to their symbolic...

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