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The Killing of Hallel Ariel – An American Perspective

By Linda Wesson Not long ago a lovely thirteen year old girl named Hallel Ariel was killed by a seventeen year old boy named Muhammad Taraireh. He broke into the settlement home...

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What more can be done to help empower Libyan women?

By Asma Shebani As it currently stands, we find an alarming detachment between civil society within developing North African nations. It is imperative that political forces attempt to promote, encourage and invest...

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“Democracy is Incompatible with the Middle East” – A Response

I would like to thank Laura Hawkes for her inputs to this article. I would also like to thank Lorenzo Raffio for his constructive feedback during its development. *** 1. Introduction Today,...

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What does Brexit mean for Arabs?

On Thursday 23rd June, about 52% of British voters chose to leave the European Union. The decision had serious implications. The pound sterling became volatile, Scotland is considering another referendum for independence and...

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The Arab Spring – 5 Years On

Five years ago, a series of unprecedented uprisings and demonstrations broke out in countries across the Middle East and North Africa. Protesters took to their streets to demonstrate against their governments, in...

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