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The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet

9/10 In this work of art, Raymond Radiguet asserts himself as that postmodern writer par excellence. The Frenchman demands respect from his reader, assuming from her or him a certain knowledge of...

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Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

8/10 Though I love to read, a technologically ever-changing environment of distractions occupying one’s time with leisurely activities and entertainment for fixes to overcome boredom often leads one to start numerous different...

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My Problems with Libya’s Citizenship Laws

If we were to sit back, put aside everything we had learnt, all the ideas that were passed down to us from one generation to another, what would we make of the...

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The “Arab Spring” – where did it come from? (… the words, not the politics…)

When I first moved to the Middle East, to Egypt in September 2010, the talk on the street was of despair. The government of Mubarak was presiding over a state of national...

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The grand problem of the French-British alliance on Syria

By Osservatorio Italiano From http://osservatorioitaliano.org/read/149251/italia-il-grande-problema-dellasse-francobritannico-sulla-siria France and Great Britain fear a repeat in Syria of the Libyan scenario, i.e. a transfer of diplomatic influence from the Franco-Anglo-American axis to a Mediterranean axis, externally...

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