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Introspection: did Arabs “colonise” North Africa?

Colonialism remains a contested concept: there exists no widespread agreement amongst academics upon what it should be properly defined as. Activity that could be called ‘colonialism’ (at least, in the contemporary sense...

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The paradox: is postmodernism to blame for the rise of Salafism?

Postmodernism, as a philosophical, socio-political and cultural movement, emerged in the 1970s as a critique of, and counter to, the Modernist Universalism that had remained dominant in Western societies since the 19th...

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Are the Amazigh under-represented in Arab politics?

Tinmel is a small village in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and it serves as a starting point for understanding the complex dynamics between North Africa’s indigenous Amazigh people and the region’s largely...

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Simon Salama: why a Jewish leader is standing for Tunisia’s Muslim party

A Tunisian Jew, Simon Salama, has been selected as candidate for Tunisia’s leading Muslim party in the municipal elections in Monastir, south of Tunis. To some, this may appear as a continuation...

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Demography: are North Africans really “Arabs”?

1. Background In August 2017, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi confirmed that his government would be pushing ahead with new laws that would allow women to marry outside the Muslim faith and...

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