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Libya: the Italians have left but we remain colonised

During my visit to Tripoli, I was able to observe various tendencies that alerted me to a complex regime of white supremacy and orientalism. Today, weddings do not only resemble the unification...

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Arab Millennial website Hack

Over the course of the last week, the Arab Millennial website was hacked by a malicious individual or organisation. They entered our server and database and corrupted most of our files to...

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The Rise of the Right – A US Perspective

Since the presidential election, many of us in the US have been outraged. To us, people such as Donald Trump and Steve Bannon belonged to a lunatic fringe element. It still seems unfathomable that...

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Donald Trump – What Should Arab Millennials Expect?

This year’s election of Donald Trump will determine the fate of many Americans and the rest of the world population. The election exposed an alarmingly real division in American society. A division...

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A letter to the hero not the victim

This letter is a response by Arab Millennial executive Shatha Sbeta, who is a Libyan citizen and American resident, to last week’s horrific gang rape of a Libyan woman in front of her daughter by...

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