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How Libyan artists are addressing mental health

The original article by Malak Altaeb, which has been syndicated for Arab Millennial, can be found here *** Mental illness is one of the least discussed topics in my society. If you bring it up in any group discussion, it will often be linked to...

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Arabs and Jews: Examples of shared cultural practices

Finding similarities in cultural practices is an important tool through which we can improve our understandings on the origins of both Arab and Jewish traditions. Musical practices Music and musicology professors Margaret Kartomi & Andrew D. McCredie consider the historical ‘Southern Asian-Jewish and the...

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Celebrating the lives of Arab dissidents – Part I

“The death of one man: that is a catastrophe. One hundred thousand deaths: that is a statistic!” So wrote the journalist and satirist Kurt Tucholsky in 1925 – or rather, those are the words he put into the mouth of a (possibly fictitious) French...

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3 ways to improve your Palestine activism, through the eyes of a Palestinian

Introduction For many individuals, groups, and organisations, the Palestinian struggle has become an opportunity to claim fame, spread ideologies, and fight for one’s own understanding of the Palestinian struggle. When there is an event or a protest, we wear our Kuffiyas, put on our...

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Why we registered as a Private Limited Company and encourage your social enterprise to do the same

As of today, 10/10/2017, Arab Millennial is registered as a UK Limited Company (11005715). Before doing this, we had to decide whether we should register our social enterprise as a charity or a company. *** Charity model UK registered charities must have a designated...

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