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GDP, population & income equality comparison tool (MENA)

  *** Highlights Regional: Highest per capita GDP: Gulf Lowest per capita GDP: Yemen Highest total GDP: Turkey Lowest total GDP: Yemen Largest population: North Africa Lowest population: Yemen Most income inequality: Turkey Least income inequality: Iraq National: Highest per capita GDP: Qatar Lowest...

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Why I participated in the Washington women’s march

Around this time last year, January 21st 2017, we made history. It was the day after president Donald Trump’s inauguration; an event that millions of people could not easily accept. Trump’s presidency was the fuel that ignited a movement for human rights and a...

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Why I interned at Arab Millennial

***Yassine, in the featured image, interned at Arab Millennial as a graduate in 2017 and now holds a managerial position in France*** Among the many values ​​that have led to the creation of the internet and social media we find the power to inquire...

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My inside conversations with Nadia Murad and the Yazidi community

***Linda Wesson is Head of Communications at Arab Millennial*** Background In late November 2017, I traveled to Michigan, in the United States, to visit with friends and attend a lecture given by ISIS rape and torture survivor Nadia Murad.   I have one particular...

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What would a world without borders look like?

A world without borders is, for many of us, a utopia that one could only hope to actualise in the distant future. We perceive national borders as a natural phenomenon, and in doing so, we often forget the unnatural, political origins from which they...

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