Organisational Chart

Whilst the orthodox vertical work hierarchy can help employees understand delegation of responsibilities and prioritise instructions from colleagues in a clear manner, Arab Millennial has opted for the horizontal work structure where possible, which is a Scandinavian concept. On balance, we have decided that it is more important for staff to develop a more cooperative work ethic whilst placing little emphasis on individual work politics.

In other words, employees can often focus on their individual career objectives within an organisational hierarchy, and these objectives may take precedence over the general ambitions of the organisation as well as the wider community’s interests. We understand that, in exceptional circumstances, clear decisiveness needs to take place from company directors; therefore, we have placed our Co-Founders as “first among equals” in such situations. Nonetheless, we respect ideas from staff of all walks of life and all variations of experience, and see diversity as a strength and not a weakness. The idea itself matters more than the person behind it.

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