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On how the hard left and hard right oppose Israel for very different reasons

It is something of a truism to say that the hard left and right share rather a lot in common. This is very much...

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Algeria as a case study for Syria

Protests by urban youth disgruntled at corruption and a lack of opportunity; a demographic time-bomb; a repressive secular government in conflict with sometimes violent...

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How should Arabs feel about Ibn Khaldun, a Medieval Arab evolutionary theorist?

Ibn Khaldun was a 14th century thinker who moved widely around North Africa and Islamic Spain, having been born in Tunis in 1332. His varied...

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How Morocco’s “plastic bag rule” has renewed Arab sustainability efforts

As Marrakech hosted the international climate summit, COP22, in November 2016, it felt like something of a watershed moment. World attention focused, at least...

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Are the Amazigh under-represented in Arab politics?

Tinmel is a small village in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and it serves as a starting point for understanding the complex dynamics between North...

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