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5 ways education can free us from colonialism

Colonialism has undeniably affected the Arab World. For some of our leaders, it's instilled a subconscious inferiority complex that hinders diplomatic dialogue with European...

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The problem with charisma in political debate

Throughout history, we have based far too many decisions on who is presenting the options available to us and how those options are being presented to...

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The Arab World needs a psychological revolution

This week I decided to travel near the border separating Morocco and Algeria for some primary research for my website and doctoral proposal. I was,...

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The dark side of Speakers’ Corner: online bullying and abuse

*** Disclaimer: I am not a perfect Muslim nor do I think that all Salafi-Wahhabis are the same; in this article I am responding...

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Is anti-Zionism anti-Semitism?

In my various debates, I often come across the position that anti-Zionist movements are intrinsically anti-Semitic in nature. A lot of people ask me...

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