“What is Arab Millennial?”

Arab Millennial is a social enterprise & think tank featuring contributions from experts on Arab societies.


“What are your ultimate objectives?”

Our aim is to leverage social and economic development for Arabs across the world of all religious and ideological persuasion. We do this through raising awareness on relevant issues as well as through providing work- and study-related assistance.


“What are AM’s unique selling points?”

  1. Diversely functional leadership,
  2. A focus on politics and not religion, and
  3. An organisational culture that fully invests in its staff and followers


“What do you do with my data as a website user?”

We do not currently sell our online traffic data to third parties. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.


“I want to write for Arab Millennial, how do I do this?”

You do not need to be Arab and/or millennial to write for our website, but the topic does need to be Arab and/or millennial related. Please register to our site and follow this link to learn about the benefits of and eligibility criteria for writing for Arab Millennial.