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Browse our Arab demographic data for GDP, population, HDI and other useful figures.

Population by Country

Arab population by country - data, charts and highlights.

GDP by Country

Arab GDP by country - data, charts and highlights.

Life Expectancy by Country

Arab life expectancy by country - data, charts and highlights.

Smart, Reliable Data


Our demographic data is targeted and centred around the Arab world.

Researchers find that this saves them time sifting through data for the information they need most.


A dedicated team of analysts collate demographic data from various reliable sources.

This information is then checked for error, continuity and bias.
This allows us to present to you the most accurate and transparent datasets on the Arab world available on the internet.


We provide top-line insights on all demographic data to save Arab world researchers time on extracting the most important information.

This is why Harvard University recommends our website as a resource for researchers looking to understand the Arab world.

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