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Arab population by country - data, charts and highlights.

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Arab life expectancy by country - data, charts and highlights.

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Arab gross domestic production by country - data, charts and highlights.

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Arab human development by country - data, charts and highlights.

Data Collation Process

1. Assess all databases

We analyse all major demographic data portals such as the World Bank, IMF, UNDP and Heritage.

2. Filter out biased sources

After initial assessment, we then filter out any biased data sources that may be politicised or linked to problematic stakeholders.

3. Isolate Arab world data

It is then important to isolate demographic data only related to the Arab world. We do this for your convenience.

4. Compare for discrepancy

All Arab world demographic data is now compared for any erroneous data.

5. Eliminate anomalies

If anomalies are determined void through research, they are eliminated from the final data tables.

6. Present final data

Finally, we present all demographic data in a clear and concise manner, including any notable hints and highlights.

A cut above the rest


Our demographic data is targeted and centred around the Arab world.

Researchers find that this saves them time sifting through data for the information they need most.


A dedicated team of analysts collate demographic data from various reliable sources.

This information is then checked for error, continuity and bias.
This allows us to present to you the most accurate and transparent datasets on the Arab world available on the internet.


We provide top-line insights on all demographic data to save Arab world researchers time on extracting the most important information.

This is why Harvard University recommends our website as a resource for researchers looking to understand the Arab world.