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Can “confirmation bias” ever be beneficial? Data & Statistics 

Can “confirmation bias” ever be beneficial?

What is confirmation bias? Confirmation bias is a tendency for individuals pursuing research or debate to (consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously) select evidence and research that promotes their initial arguments and inclinations. In other words, instead of pursuing genuine, open and honest research and formulating a sincere conclusion based on the evidence amassed, “confirmation bias” tells us that we have a tendency to begin with our conclusion and end with a selective research methodology that explains why our conclusions are valid. Standard research methodology: (1) Research > (2) Conclusion Confirmation bias: (1) Conclusion >…

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3 (slightly better) alternatives to the CIA World Factbook Data & Statistics 

3 (slightly better) alternatives to the CIA World Factbook

When we source data, we should ask ourselves the following questions: How credible is the information provided? What is the context of the organisation/individual providing the information? Why is this information being provided by the organisation/individual? What implications does this information hold? What is the significance of the information being provided? *** 1. Factual Errors The CIA has a cleverly labelled website and publication called the World Factbook. Cleverly labelled because it is the CIA’s – and thus the US government’s – attempt to define for us what is “correct” information…

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