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On how the hard left and hard right oppose Israel for very different reasons

It is something of a truism to say that the hard left and right share rather a lot in common. This is very much in relation to the modern age where the extremes of the political spectrum can be seen, to a large extent,...

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The double standard of linking criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism

Monday 14th May, the US moves its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Protests commence in Gaza resulting to disproportionate violence from Israel. Both those killed and those injured enter the double digits. Tuesday 15th May, Palestinians commemorate Nakba. An emergency UN meeting is held...

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My gripe with monarchy

It seems almost conceivable that, in 2018, we still have governments that obtain their power through hereditary decree. Inside and outside the Arab world. Instead of earning their right to rule and enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities associated with this right, rule and...

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North Korea: should Trump be thanked for clearing his own mess?

Friends and enemies often swap sides and end up respecting each other. It is an age-old theme in Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and Enemy at the Gates. This is because aggression, unlike indifference, establishes a relationship between two individuals who can often end up...

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5 fantastic funding opportunities for Arab entrepreneurs

Whether you are a part of a budding startup or a fearless social enterprise, we’ve got exciting  news for you. Here are 5 hotly anticipated funding opportunities across the MENA region to kick start your business. *** 1. Dubai Startup Hub Smartpreneur Competition 3.0...

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