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North Korea: should Trump be thanked for clearing his own mess?

Friends and enemies often swap sides and end up respecting each other. It is an age-old theme in Hollywood blockbusters like Star Wars and Enemy at the Gates. This is because aggression, unlike...

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5 fantastic funding opportunities for Arab entrepreneurs

Whether you are a part of a budding startup or a fearless social enterprise, we’ve got exciting  news for you. Here are 5 hotly anticipated funding opportunities across the MENA region to...

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3 principles for establishing Muslim-Christian dialogue in multiethnic communities

*** A note from the editor: Arab Millennial is a secular website that encourages interfaith dialogue from, towards, and within Arab community groups. We have therefore edited Julian Bond’s post accordingly through...

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Why I interned at Arab Millennial

***Yassine, in the featured image, interned at Arab Millennial as a graduate in 2017 and now holds a managerial position in France*** Among the many values ​​that have led to the creation...

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AM staff meet in Fez, Morocco

Today, Miriam Hussain (Digital Archive manager, UK), Osama Filali Naji (co-founder, UK) and Soufiane Rhaithi (Arabic language editor, Morocco) met in the old medina in Fez, Morocco. We had a staff bonding...

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