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Arab Millennial is a London-based think-tank featuring content from experts on Arab societies.

Our small team of political scientists holds several degrees from elite universities including the University of Oxford. Our team also has over 80 years of combined experience that includes analytical and advisory work at Google, US Congress and UK House of Lords. We are passionate experts in Arab world interdisciplinary analysis.

We understand the Arab world’s underlying dynamics from historical, political and economic perspectives, and are committed to providing you with high-quality research and reports that reflect this understanding.

Our values are social enterprise, community dialogue, research & development, and global peace.

Meet our Staff

Osama Filali Naji
Founder & CTO

Osama Filali Naji is a political scientist and commentator who has previously worked as an analyst at University of Birmingham, Quilliam and Google.

Lawrence Joffe
Senior Advisor

Lawrence Joffe is a University of Oxford graduate and author on Middle-East history. He has worked as a journalist for the BBC and writes for The Guardian and Jewish Quarterly.

Hossam Ed-Deen Allam
Senior Advisor

Hossam Ed-Deen Allam is an Azhar graduate. He lectures on Classical Arabic and issues surrounding Islamic jurisprudence, frequently presenting on Egypt’s Nile TV.

Mohamed Guda
Arabic Translator

Mohamed Guda is a Project Manager at Nafham, an online education platform for Arabs. Mohamed has also commented on Arab socioeconomic issues on Al-Jazeera and Huffington Post.

Yassine Charrar
French Translator

Yassine has several years' experience working in international business. He is deployed between the UK and France and holds a particular interest in start-up companies. He completed his Masters in International Business in France in 2017.

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