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Arab Millennial is an online resource featuring content from experts on Arab societies.

Our small team of political scientists holds several degrees from elite universities, including the University of Oxford. Our team also has over 80 years of combined experience that includes analytical and advisory work at Google, US Congress and UK House of Lords. We are passionate experts in Arab world interdisciplinary analysis.

We understand the Arab world’s underlying dynamics from historic, political and economic perspectives, and are committed to providing you with high-quality research and reports that reflect this understanding.

Our values are social enterprise, community dialogue, research & development, and global peace.

Expert analysis: well-researched op-eds by regional experts.

Opinion polls: survey questions and answers on various issues affecting Arab millennials.

Country data: clear, interactive databases for Arab world statistics, including:

    • Population by country
    • Life expectancy by country
    • GDP by country
    • HDI by country

Consulting services: bespoke services for NGOs and other organisations looking to deploy in Arab communities.

Whether you are a researcher, consultant, academic or business owner, our website resources are primarily used by:

  • Anybody interested in Arab regional developments, and
  • Anybody engaged in issues affecting young Arabs residing inside and outside the region

Independent: Arab Millennial is neither funded nor patroned by any political individual or institution. As such, we can minimise bias in our research to bring you the most accurate and nuanced insights on the Arab world.

Verified: all op eds and data uploaded to Arab Millennial are scrutinised for bias and accuracy. This is why our work is referenced by various reputable institutions, including the European Union Institute for Security Studies. Arab Millennial is also recommended by Harvard University.

Authentic: Arab Millennial was founded by young Arab academics living in the West. We understand the various issues facing young Arabs inside and outside the region.

Focused: instead of having to sift through a whole host of demographic data for comparison purposes, Arab Millennial isolates Arab countries, gives you focused demographic data and provides deeper insights on the Arab region specifically.

Holistic: we incorporate both quantitative and qualitative analysis in our Arab world research, drawing on various elements of understanding: historic, sociological, economic and political.