Thank you, Airbnb, for delisting Israeli settlements

I am really happy about the Airbnb move. As a Palestinian, sometimes I view BDS differently. But it means a lot to me when a global corporation or an international institution takes a step forward to recognise the human rights of Palestinians.

The Airbnb move to delist Israeli settlements in occupied territories is distinguishable because your business is ultimately about home, comfort and finding a place to stay. Settlements in the West Bank are the antithesis of “home” for many of us Palestinians. Our existence and right to sovereignty as a recognised state is being increasingly threatened.

These illegal settlements are literally at my doorstep, and are a daily reminder for me that I don’t have much of a place to stay and I am not welcome in my own occupied country.

Taking a stand for the human rights of Palestinians through BDS is a noble, non-violent means of resisting the institutionalisation and normalisation of Israeli settlements. So, thank you. We do see your contribution and we really, really appreciate it ♥.

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