Arab Millennial Website Hack

Over the course of the last week, the Arab Millennial website was hacked by a malicious individual or organisation. They entered our server and database and corrupted most of our files to try to force us to start the website from scratch. Fortunately, we keep regular backups of our website every twenty-four hours, so the website is not only back to normal, but we are now working closely with a software company to screen all visits to our website and redirect suspicious activity within a matter of milliseconds. This should not affect the speed in which our website loads.

Therefore, we are encouraged that the perpetrator of this crime found our website and its content on Arab empowerment and anti-discrimination to be threatening. Not only has this given us an opportunity to exponentially tighten security on our website, but it also confirms the need for our website in an unfortunate reminder of the types organisations that actively target any civil rights effort towards full global integration and equality.

We would like to thank you for your patience and reassure all users that none of their personal information had been accessed during the hack. We do not store any user data or analytics on our server for security reasons.