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Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

8/10 Though I love to read, a technologically ever-changing environment of distractions occupying one’s time with leisurely activities and entertainment for fixes to overcome boredom often leads one to start numerous different books on-the-go despite finishing very few of them. Of course I am talking about myself. When I’m too busy, I cherish moments to read, and when I find myself with the free time I longed for, it’s difficult to maintain the consistency to see a whole book through. It’s a feat in itself for the books that I…

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Policy Recommendation 

Political and Security Implications of Migration in Libya

Migration is not a new phenomenon for Libya; situated at the gateway between two continents, and bordered by six other nations, Libya has long been a transit point into Europe for African migrants. Migration has also long conditioned relations between Libya and its European neighbours; for example, Muammar Gaddafi orchestrated a series of agreements with the EU, promising to curb migration across the Mediterranean in exchange for handsome compensation. These agreements culminated in the 2008 ‘Friendship Treaty’ with Italy, earning Gaddafi USD 5 billion over 25 years. The political and…

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