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On how the hard left and hard right oppose Israel for very different reasons

It is something of a truism to say that the hard left and right share rather a lot in common. This is very much in relation to the modern age where the extremes of the political spectrum can be seen, to a large extent,...

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For Pakistanis used to Saudi Arabia, home is not home any more

*** Note from the editor: this is an edited article that can originally be found at http://www.thefridaytimes.com/tft/for-pakistanis-used-to-saudi-arabia-home-is-not-a-land-any-more/ *** Background The idea of a homeland has consolidated so much in the modern human imagination that people often do not realise how fluid and overrated the concept...

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Where do Lebanese Christians stand on Hezbollah?

At present, Lebanon remains one of a few safe havens in the Middle East for Christians, who make up an estimated one third of the country’s population. It is also somewhat of a regional anomaly due to the significant support the Shia, Islamist party...

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Algeria as a case study for Syria

Protests by urban youth disgruntled at corruption and a lack of opportunity; a demographic time-bomb; a repressive secular government in conflict with sometimes violent Islamist groups; international fighters travelling to a foreign civil war; secular, liberal voices drowned out by the thunderous dichotomy of...

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Did ISIS “hijack” the Arab Spring?

Across the Middle East, ISIS emerged out of the ashes of failed aspirations. The Arab Spring promised so much and, in the end, delivered relatively little. Hopes for democracy, freedom and economic opportunities were replaced by chaos and lawlessness in some countries. The derailment...

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