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Arab Millennial is a social enterprise & think tank featuring contributions from experts on Arab societies.

Our aim is to leverage social and economic development for Arabs across the world of all religious and ideological persuasion. We do this through raising awareness on relevant issues as well as through providing work- and study-related assistance.

Alternative Perspectives

We provide thought-provoking, interdisciplinary analysis on Arab societies. These perspectives push analytical boundaries and are free to access.

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Researchers of Arab politics, history and society have found our infographics particularly useful for visualising current trends.

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Submit a contribution to be considered for publication, or view Arab World jobs and other resources directly on our website.

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"I love what AM stands for; peace, progress, and change within the Arab world. If we all could support this message and work together for a better future then nothing is impossible."
Yasmeen El-Gerbi
"Arab Millennial is a brilliant initiative, writing on some of the most important events in the world currently. Arab Millennial is unique and powerful, you're doing an awesome job!"
Amzod Ali