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AM attends European Council on Foreign Relations roundtable on Yemen

On Thursday 3rd August, our Senior Adviser, Lawrence Joffe, represented Arab Millennial at an ECFR roundtable on Yemen. Other attendees at ECFR’s London address included human rights lawyers, journalists, ambassadors and regional business stakeholders. The discussion centred on the extent to which foreign trade should be conducted with Yemen in light of human rights abuses in the country. AM had... Read More
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Political and Security Implications of Migration in Libya

Migration is not a new phenomenon for Libya; situated at the gateway between two continents, and bordered by six other nations, Libya has long been a transit point into Europe for African migrants. Migration has also long conditioned relations between Libya and its European neighbours; for example, Muammar Gaddafi orchestrated a series of agreements with the EU, promising to curb... Read More
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How are IS financing themselves in Libya and what should be done about it?

The rapid emergence and relative consolidation of the Islamic State (IS) branch in Libya has left many wondering how the group attains the funds to sustain operations and control territory. Official estimates by the United Nations (UN) and United States (US) estimated that there are roughly between 2,000 and 6,000 IS fighters currently in Libya. Although there have been strong initiatives to investigate how... Read More
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Lessons for Libya: The Capture of Mukalla from al-Qaeda and its Implications for Countering Terrorism in Libya

The capture of Mukalla from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was an unexpected victory for the embattled Yemeni government, against a resilient and adaptable franchise of al-Qaeda. This paper notes four key aspects of the operation to re-take Mukalla and highlights their relevance for countering terrorism in the embattled nation of Libya. Click Here to Open/Download Read More