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Shatha Sbeta is a Co-Founder at Arab Millennial.

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AM welcomes steps made towards full women’s equality in Tunisia

Arab Millennial would like to congratulate Tunisia on its progressive step towards gender equality. Arab Millennial stands in support of President Beji Caed Essibsi constitutional recommendation made during his speech on the National Women’s Day (Sunday, August 13, 2017). The recommendation grants women equality to men in all aspects under the law. It includes changes to publication NO. 73 that... Read More

Libya: The Italians Have Left but We Remain Colonised

During my visit to Tripoli, I was able to observe various tendencies that alerted me to a complex regime of white supremacy and orientalism. Today, weddings do not only resemble the unification of two individuals, but also a way in which excessive spending, West-centric styles and contest for socioeconomic and class supremacy take place. Although it is neither typical Libyan... Read More
Press Release 

A Letter to the Hero not the Victim

This letter is a response by Arab Millennial executive Shatha Sbeta, who is a Libyan citizen and American resident, to last week’s horrific gang rape of a Libyan woman in front of her daughter by members of militia group Al-Awashr Brigade. The incident was videoed and has circulated social media websites. *** You are not alone, the whole Arab world is with you… I... Read More

The Libyan Conflict is not a Tribal Conflict

With the way in which events continue to unravel in Libya, many Western news reporters and opinion writers categorize the conflict to be a courtesy of tribalism. This oversimplification in the portrayal of the Libyan conflict is especially problematic as it reaffirms a West-centric understanding of global politics. Knowledge is power, and the manner in which knowledge is shared and spread is... Read More