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Arab Millennial Cautiously Welcomes Obama-Administration U-Turn on Israel Press Release 

Arab Millennial Cautiously Welcomes Obama-Administration U-Turn on Israel

1. “What Happened?” For the first time in almost 40 years, a UN Resolution 2334 had been passed confirming Israel’s “flagrant violation” of international law as it continues to erect settlements in the occupied West Bank. The resolution was drafted by Egypt and brokered by Britain, receiving 14 votes for, 0 votes against and 1 abstention. The last time a similar resolution had been passed was in 1980 (Resolution 465); since then, the United States continued to protect Israel by vetoing any resolution confirming the illegal status of Israeli settlements…

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Arab Millennial Website Hack Internal News 

Arab Millennial Website Hack

Over the course of the last week, the Arab Millennial website was hacked by a malicious individual or organisation. They entered our server and database and corrupted most of our files to try to force us to start the website from scratch. Fortunately, we keep regular backups of our website every twenty-four hours, so the website is not only back to normal, but we are now working closely with a software company to screen all visits to our website and redirect suspicious activity within a matter of milliseconds. This should not…

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The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus Book Review 

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

9/10 I tried beginning this book three times; the first time in a hostel in the middle of Mostar; but I simply could not get my head around it. I couldn’t tell if this was because of the incredibly intellectual nature of the author or because of the editor’s job in translating the text from French to English. However, when I did finally get round to reading and understanding The Myth of Sisyphus, I opened my mind to a new way of understanding society that I had been previously blind…

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Arab Millennial Responds to Trump’s Ascension as President-Elect Press Release 

Arab Millennial Responds to Trump’s Ascension as President-Elect

Disclaimer: Arab Millennial (AM) is an information network. It does not have any political affiliation nor does it endorse any particular political party. Rather, AM’s objective is to provide information based on our analysis. With thanks to the rest of the AM team – Adam Gamaz, Shatha Sbeta and Linda Wesson – for their inputs into this press release. *** It may come as little surprise to our followers and stakeholders that Arab Millennial (AM) does not endorse the ascension of Donald Trump as President-elect of the United States: “AM…

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The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet Book Review 

The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet

9/10 In this work of art, Raymond Radiguet asserts himself as that postmodern writer par excellence. The Frenchman demands respect from his reader, assuming from her or him a certain knowledge of the First World War. This allows Radiguet to delve into his masterpiece (yes, masterpiece) without the unnecessary – and often ineffective – descriptive jargon usually associated with semi-autobiographical novels. In this respect, this book appeals to me more than the brilliant, semi-autobiographical affair accounted for in The Great Gatsby a couple of years later, though I am aware that Fitzgerald’s descriptive tone…

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“Democracy is Incompatible with the Middle East” – A Response Opinion 

“Democracy is Incompatible with the Middle East” – A Response

I would like to thank Laura Hawkes for her inputs to this article. I would also like to thank Lorenzo Raffio for his constructive feedback during its development. *** 1. Introduction Today, only 36% of Arab youths feel that the Middle East has improved in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.[1] Given the current turbulence, the idea that “democracy is incompatible with the Middle East” has become a popular – and rather problematic – argument. It is a problematic argument because: It is an argument that dehumanises Arabs and reduces them to case-studies…

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What does Brexit mean for Arabs? Opinion 

What does Brexit mean for Arabs?

On Thursday 23rd June, about 52% of British voters chose to leave the European Union. The decision had serious implications. The pound sterling became volatile, Scotland is considering another referendum for independence and there’s talk of Northern Ireland uniting with the Republic of Ireland. The City of London, who also voted to remain, is in shock. Furthermore, the majority of young people voted to stay in Europe, but their vote was outnumbered by an older generation who will not have to live with the consequences of this huge decision as long…

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Western Governments Must Crack-Down on Anti-Arab Racism Opinion 

Western Governments Must Crack-Down on Anti-Arab Racism

In “the West”, racist slurs targeted at Arab communities are often passed off as free speech or critical enquiry, and not enough is being done to value all ethnic groups and to protect them from prejudice. People often say that Islam must be open to criticism. I agree with this, because Islam is an idea that can be subject to change. Arabs, however, can find themselves ethnically bound by their identities. Criticising and smearing people based on their ethnicity is no longer a free inquiry into ideas but a racist…

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