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The Battle of Defeating ISIS and Rebuilding Libya Opinion 

The Battle of Defeating ISIS and Rebuilding Libya

For those who were against Gaddafi, the euphoric feeling that came with his fall will last many years, despite the ensuing difficulties of general lawlessness and the failure of governance which resulted from a lack of a working constitution. These factors and many more have demoralised the majority of Libyans, giving rise to many doubts, and leaving Libyans to rely on simple faith, especially in the first days of the “new order”. The absence of a proper system of governance and rule of law remains a problem, as well as the widespread…

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What more can be done to help empower Libyan women? Opinion 

What more can be done to help empower Libyan women?

By Asma Shebani As it currently stands, we find an alarming detachment between civil society within developing North African nations. It is imperative that political forces attempt to promote, encourage and invest in enriching our civil society. It will certainly guide the way forward, as civil society is the mechanism through which North African women can empower themselves. This empowerment will blossom, allowing women to feel correctly established in the workplace, in the media, and most significantly in society. Thus, progressively integrating with the rest of the international community. In…

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North African Millennials need Better Education Opinion 

North African Millennials need Better Education

In Islamic tradition, the first divine revelation received by our beloved Prophet Mohammed was ‘Read’, and this was repeated three times by angel Gabriel. This emphasises how important it is to seek knowledge, and how crucial knowledge is in defining human integrity and dignity. We must also think about what it means to nurture and share knowledge. In this article, we look at the benefits of providing a more holistic and practical learning style to Arab millennials. Teachers and parents must learn to trust young people and to accept healthy…

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Here’s How Sarraj can Address Women’s Issues in Libya Opinion 

Here’s How Sarraj can Address Women’s Issues in Libya

With Sarraj’s arrival in Tripoli, it is important to bear in mind that the rate of any nation’s advancement is partly reflected by how women and children are treated, in terms of achievement, equality, welfare and status. Women constitute roughly 50% of Libya, and therefore represent a huge potential chunk of wealth and investment for the Libyan economy. All this can only be achieved by education, training and empowerment. As is the case in Europe and other parts of the world, women in North Africa are not yet reaching their…

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Sarraj: Destined to Disappoint Opinion 

Sarraj: Destined to Disappoint

Regardless of what’s happening on the ground in Libya and other North African countries today, we must never lose hope for a better tomorrow; in spite of all the difficulties that we have been through. All great nations that go through sudden regime-change after an extended period of rule experience mayhem shortly after. Even in Europe, examples of this are the English Civil War and the French Revolution, where security and prosperity shortly followed chaos and anarchy. We are not saying that time always brings progress. What we mean in the…

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