Data & Statistics 

3 (slightly better) alternatives to the CIA World Factbook

When we source data, we should ask ourselves the following questions: How credible is the information provided? What is the context of the organisation/individual providing the information? Why is this information being provided by the organisation/individual? What implications does this information hold? What is the significance of the information being provided? *** 1. Factual Errors The CIA has a cleverly labelled... Read More
Internal News 

Author Lawrence Joffe Takes on Advisory Role at Arab Millennial

For those of you that follow Arab Millennial closely, you may already be aware of our good relationship with author, editor, writer and journalist Lawrence Joffe. Today, that relationship has taken a more formal capacity. Lawrence Joffe writes articles for the Guardian, has edited a variety of books on Middle Eastern politics, and has authored his own Illustrated History of the Jewish... Read More