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Arab Millennial Cautiously Welcomes Obama-Administration U-Turn on Israel

1. “What Happened?” For the first time in almost 40 years, a UN Resolution 2334 had been passed confirming Israel’s “flagrant violation” of international law as it continues to erect settlements in the occupied West Bank. The resolution was drafted by Egypt and brokered by Britain, receiving 14 votes for, 0 votes against and 1 abstention. The last time a... Read More

Libya: The Italians Have Left but We Remain Colonised

During my visit to Tripoli, I was able to observe various tendencies that alerted me to a complex regime of white supremacy and orientalism. Today, weddings do not only resemble the unification of two individuals, but also a way in which excessive spending, West-centric styles and contest for socioeconomic and class supremacy take place. Although it is neither typical Libyan... Read More