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Arab Millennial Website Hack Internal News 

Arab Millennial Website Hack

Over the course of the last week, the Arab Millennial website was hacked by a malicious individual or organisation. They entered our server and database and corrupted most of our files to try to force us to start the website from scratch. Fortunately, we keep regular backups of our website every twenty-four hours, so the website is not only back to normal, but we are now working closely with a software company to screen all visits to our website and redirect suspicious activity within a matter of milliseconds. This should not…

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The Rise of the Right – A US Perspective Opinion 

The Rise of the Right – A US Perspective

Since the presidential election, many of us in the US have been outraged. To us, people such as Donald Trump and Steve Bannon belonged to a lunatic fringe element. It still seems unfathomable that Trump was elected to be our President.  We feel a huge amount of betrayal from our fellow Americans; we feel as if we were ambushed; except those people were among us the whole time. But where do we go from here? We go with a new awareness that we must listen to everyone’s voice and be aware that there…

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Donald Trump – What Should Arab Millennials Expect? Opinion 

Donald Trump – What Should Arab Millennials Expect?

This year’s election of Donald Trump will determine the fate of many Americans and the rest of the world population. The election exposed an alarmingly real division in American society. A division that means there is yet a lot for the ‘land of the free’ to work on. Clinton’s supporters can be divided as such: those who genuinely believe in her ideologies, mission and objectives, those who believe that it is about time ‘the greatest country in the world’ elect a female President, and those who are faced with no…

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A Letter to the Hero not the Victim Press Release 

A Letter to the Hero not the Victim

This letter is a response by Arab Millennial executive Shatha Sbeta, who is a Libyan citizen and American resident, to last week’s horrific gang rape of a Libyan woman in front of her daughter by members of militia group Al-Awashr Brigade. The incident was videoed and has circulated social media websites. *** You are not alone, the whole Arab world is with you… I do not know you, we do not know you, but we all know something about you. We know you are brave, strong. We know you are not only a survivor,…

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The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus Book Review 

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

9/10 I tried beginning this book three times; the first time in a hostel in the middle of Mostar; but I simply could not get my head around it. I couldn’t tell if this was because of the incredibly intellectual nature of the author or because of the editor’s job in translating the text from French to English. However, when I did finally get round to reading and understanding The Myth of Sisyphus, I opened my mind to a new way of understanding society that I had been previously blind…

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